Current board

Chairperson - Gilles Lijnzaad

My name is Gilles Lijnzaad and I’m the Chairperson for the year 2020-2021! I’m 21 years old and I’m a fourth year student of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen. I’m originally from Zeist (near Utrecht), but I’ve been living in this beautiful city for three years now. Beside my studies I like to spend my time playing the drums, guitar and piano and listening to music. I’ve had a lot of fun being an active member of Ganymedes for the past three years, and I’m honored to be the chairperson this year.

Secretary- Ida Klaassens

Hello! My name is Ida Klaassens and I have been honoured with the Secretary function for board XII. I'm 21 years old and I study academic Pabo at the RUG and Hanze. I live in a beautiful place called Hoogezand. I live here togheter with my cat, the rats and the parents. Besides my studies, I am a city councillor for Midden-Groningen and I'm a professional couch potato. Oh and I read and swim a lot, though not at the same time. If you ever want to know something you can always send me a message!

Treasurer - Liesbeth Cnossen

Hey hi hallo! My name is Liesbeth Cnossen and I’m Ganymedes’ Treasurer this year. I’m 22 years old and I'm in my third year of Applied Psychology at the Hanze. I have lived in Friesland my whole life, but a year and a half ago I left the beautiful Frisian countryside for the slightly less beautiful Groningen (slightly less beautiful because my cat isn’t here…). Besides studying, I spend a lot of my time playing games and watching series. I have been a happy member of this association for two years now and I’m looking forward to see what this board year will bring!

Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Vice-Chairperson - Chris Hartwig
Hello everyone! I'm Chris Hartwig and I will be the Commissioner of Internal Affairs and Vice-Chairperson for the year 2020-2021! I am 21 years old and I just finished the bachelor Life Science & Technology at the University of Groningen. I've been living in Groningen for three years, but my cats (and parents) live in Zwolle. Aside from studying and being queer, I fill my days with music. I play viola and violin and have been taking lessons since I was seven years old. Aside from that, I adore cooking for and with my boyfriend. I am super excited about being the Commissioner of Internal Affairs because most of my job involves hanging out with all the active members. We hope to make it an awesome year despite the coronavirus!

Past boards

Board 2019-2020

Emma de Groot - President

Marley van Dortmont - Vice-president and secretary

Margot de Bruin - Treasurer

Emily Schmölz - Board member Internal Affairs

Eileen Drenth - Board member External Affairs


Board 2018-2019
Max van der Meer - President

Lah Tascha Bhattoe - Vice-president and secretary

Dana van den Brand - Treasurer

Nicole Wolken - Board member Internal Affairs

Board 2017-2018

R. D. - President

Bas Defauwes - Vice-president and secretary

Bram van Dort - Treasurer

Lea Busweiler - Board member Internal Affairs

Paula Bultstra - Board member External Affairs

Interim board 2017
Kirsten van der Geer - President

D. J. - Secretary

Johan K. - Treasurer

C. B. - Board member Internal Affairs

L. A. - Board member External Affairs

Daniël Hofstede - Board member External Affairs

Board 2016-2017
Kevin Schilder - President

Jonieke Rienstra - Secretary

Mijke Rigter - Treasurer

R. V. - Board member Internal Affairs

L. A. - Board member External Affairs

Board 2015-2016
L. K. - President

L. A. - Secretary

E. S. - Treasurer

C. B. - Board member Internal Affairs

M. H. - Board member External Affairs

Board 2014-2015

J. D. - President

H. T. - Secretary

F. H. - Treasurer

Daniël Hofstede - Board member Internal Affairs

M. V. - Board member External Affairs

Board 2013-2014

N. R. - President

Patrick Oosterveld - Secretary

Vincent Boswijk - Treasurer

J. M. - Board member Internal Affairs

Board 2012-2013

G. V. - President

S. H. - Secretary

N. L. - Treasurer

K. H. - Board member Internal Affairs

L. M. - Board member External Affairs

​Board 2011-2012

Rianna Postma - President

Hilde Komduur - Secretary

Justin Smith - Treasurer

Martijn de Vries - Board member Internal Affairs

​Board 2010-2011

Eric Hooijer - President

David Wegner - Secretary

Daniël Kemper - Treasurer

Bert Kasperma - Board member Internal Affairs

Board 2009-2010

Geert Molenaar - President

B. O. - Secretary

Sean Smith - Treasurer

J. K. - Board member Internal Affairs

D. - Board member External Affairs

Founding board 2008-2009

Sean Smith - President

N. E. - Secretary

Geert Molenaar - Treasurer