About Ganymedes

Ganymedes LGBT Student Association Groningen is the oldest LGBTQ+ student organisation of the Netherlands with more than 120 members. We are committed to achieving acceptance and equality for everyone within the LGBTQ+ community, combined with a healthy dose of fun and 'gezelligheid'!

We have drinks every Thursday night at our regular bar Tram 13 (Gelkingestraat 13) and House of Scandal (Pottebakkersrijge 2). In addition to the drinks, we organise parties, lectures, trips and much more. Within Ganymedes there is the possibility to join committee(s) and to join a 'dispuut'. Although there are plenty of options, a membership at Ganymedes is free of any obligations and it is perfectly possible to combine it with a membership of another study and/or student association.

Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page to see which activities are coming up. We hope to welcome you at our association soon!


Meet the Board


Mari Pool (they/she)

Fabienne Burkard (she/her)


Chris Vrieling (they/them)

Treasurer and Co-commissioner of Internal Affairs


Dacil Danioko (she/her)

Commissioner of External Affairs, Co-commissioner of Internal Affairs, Vice-President



Activity Committee

makes sure fun activities are organised for the members of Ganymedes.

Party Committee

organises the Purpλe parties and Ganymedes yearly gala.

Gany Meet-Ups

is a group for new members, led by two parents. The GMU takes place over a few consecutive weeks.



is responsible for organising introduction activities and the introduction camp.


KEI Committee

is responsible for all activities Ganymedes organises during the KEI-week.

Societal Committee

 focuses on educational activities and topics within Ganymedes.

Promo Committee

is responsible for visual material such as banners and pictures made during Ganymedes events, as well as social media posts.

Travel Committee

organises a trip for Ganymedes' members once a year.

Grievances Committee

is responsible voor handling and processing all complaints within Ganymedes.

Confidential Advisors Committee

Ganymedes has confidants that function as a point of contact for members that need someone to talk to.

Audit Committee

checks the treasurer's financial balance for GMAs.