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About Ganymedes

Ganymedes is an open-minded and diverse association for LGBTQ+ students in Groningen. Founded in 2008, we are the oldest existing LGBTQ+ student organisation in the Netherlands!

At Ganymedes, you're free to be whoever you want to be(come). With over a 160 members, you're sure to meet like-minded folks here - whether it's for a beer or just a casual conversation! We have drinks every Thursday, switching between our two regular bars: Tram 13 (Gelkingestraat 13) and Dorothy's Drag Bar (Pottebakkersrijge 2). In addition to the drinks, we organise parties, lectures, trips, game nights, dinners, and much more.

As a member of Ganymedes, your possibilities are endless. You can join a committee(s), a dispuut, or even found one of these yourself! We believe in equality and opportunity, so you're able to do these things from your very first day on. Naturally, we are also 100% hazing-free. We do organise a (non-obligatory) introduction period for new members, so you'll find your place quickly!

Keep an eye on our Instagram, website, or Facebook to see which activities are coming up. We hope to welcome you soon!

About Ganymedes

Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Nena Veenstra (she/her)

Commissioner of Internal Affairs,




Demi/Dian Laan (any)


Commissioner of Public Relations



Sam Broer (he/they)


Sander van Beek (he/they)




Yoana Nikolova (she/her)

Commissioner of External Affairs






Activity Committee

organises fun activitities every month, such as movie nights, laser tag, or beer tasting nights.

Party Committee

throws dazzling parties, themed drinks, and the annual gala.

Introduction Committee

sets up introductory activities for newer members every new semester, such as speeddating, pub quizzes and games.

Book Committee

organises monthly book meetings, discussing the chosen book that the group read prior to the event.

KEI Committee

puts together an unforgettable KEI-week for future Ganymedians every year.

Grievances Committee (KlachtCie)

is responsible for handling and processing all complaints within Ganymedes.

Societal Committee

focuses on monthly educational activities, such as discussion nights, workshops, and lectures.

Promo Committee

keeps the world updated on up-coming activities and captures the good times on camera.

Travel Committee

organises an unforgettable trip for members every year.

Pride Committee

handles our collaborations with external pride organisations, such as local festivals or parades.

Camp Committee

organise the annual not-to-miss intro camp at the end of August for all new members.

This camp is always themed and further consists of fun activities and games.

Audit Committee

checks the treasurer's financial balance

before every new GMA.

Baby committees

Got an idea for a committee that Ganymedes simply must have? As a member, you can set up a trial run yourself.



How to join a dispuut?

There is no exact procedure in signing up. You can ask dispuut members how to go about joining and they will explain how initiations work. Once you are accepted, it differs per dispuut how you will be initiated into the dispuut! Each dispuut has their own set of little games or funny things to wear for a certain period of time.


Philosphy is to make (un)forgettable memories with your friends. When MDE is together, the members like to enjoy (craft) beers and other drinks, while playing some (drinking!) games. Every MDE member has a signature drink and a nickname that almost no one outside of the dispuut knows. With the silly and sometimes 'droge' humour you'll be laughing until your stomach hurts.

Thee Zet Thee

Thee Zet Thee's mission is to play board games to their hearts' desire, eat Scholiertje-cookies, and drink as much tea as humanly possible. Or, as they like to call it: they let their inner elderly people shine! This dispuut also unites in their love of shitty puns, the superior discography of Swedish music group ABBA, and of course Ganymedes. Since their founding in 2019, Thee Zet Thee's twelve members never have a dull moment.

Who knows what the future holds?

The more the merrier! Thinking of starting your own dispuut? Ask a board member how to go about it.

Other resources

Buddy system

Want to drop by, but a bit intimidated by the idea of not knowing anyone yet? We can set you up with a buddy for the night! You'll hang out for a bit and then head to the activity together. Click the 'Contact' button for more info.

Gany Intro Groups (GIGs)

Intro dinners are a six-week series of small group dinners for newer members, hosted by your
Gany-parents. After dinner, you and your group head to the drinks together.

Baby committees

Got an idea for a committee that Ganymedes simply must have? As a member, you can set up a trial run yourself.

Member initiatives

As a member, you're free to organize your own activity for the association, even if you're not in a committee. Contact your Board for info and go for it!

Confidential Advisors

Ganymedes has several confidential advisors, who are there for any member who needs a listening ear. Their email addresses can be found under the 'Contact' button.

Other resources



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