About us

Ganymedes LGBT Studentenvereniging Groningen is the oldest LGBTQ+ student organisation of the Netherlands with more than 150 members. We are committed to achieving acceptance and equality for everyone within the LGBTQ+ community, combined with a healthy dose of fun and 'gezelligheid'!


Every Thursday at 21:00 everyone is welcome to come and have a drink with us in one of our two regular bars, Bar De Rits (Pottebakkersrijge 2) and Tram13 (Gelkingestraat 13). In addition to our weekly drinks, we organise parties, lectures, trips and much more. Within Ganymedes there is the possibility to join committee(s) and to join a 'dispuut'. Although there
are plenty of options, a membership at Ganymedes is free of any obligations and it is perfectly possible to combine it with a membership of another study and/or student association.

Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page to see where the next weekly drinks are and which activities are coming up. We hope to welcome you at our association soon!




Activity committee
Party Committee
Gany Meet-Ups
International committee
Introduction committee
Accountancy committee
Complaints committee
Societal committee
Media committee
Travel committee



The 'Interstedelijk Queer StudentenNetwerk' consists of six associations and organisations that focus on LGBTQ+ students and youth.


Our sponsors are companies and organisations Ganymedes has partnerships with. Members of Ganymedes usually get discounts on products or services at these companies, or the association itself is sponsored with a sum of money.

Other collaborations

We can also be found at studiegids.nl!