You can become a member of Ganymedes throughout the entire year, and everyone is welcome here, LGBTQ+ or not! Even when you're not a member yet, feel free to check out one of our drinks.


Become a member


If you become a member of Ganymedes you can talk, eat, drink and party to and with like-minded (and -oriented) students. Some members have been out for years already and are just here to have fun. For others, a night at Ganymedes is the first step towards coming out of the closet or their first introduction to the gayscene. At Ganymedes, these students can find a safe space start coming out.

Ganymedes is a student association that does not do hazings or year clubs. A membership doesn't come with any obligations and it's easily combined with a membership to another student association. You can, of course, put an active effort into Ganymedes by joining committees and we also have two incredibly fun disputen!

Besides this, Ganymedes members get a discount on drinks during our weekly drinks, can go to all of our events for free or cheap, and get discounts on the products or services of our partners! Sign up quick during one of our drinks or email

Does the thought of coming to a Ganymedes-event alone make you a bit nervous? Email to get partnered up with a buddy! A buddy is someone who has been a member of Ganymedes for a longer time. You can meet up beforehand and go to the event together.


Cancelling the membership


If you want to cancel your membership at Ganymedes for the next study year, you have to do that before August 1st of the current year. You can cancel your membership by emailing