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Ganymedes has plenty of fun activities every month. Of course, this is only possible thanks to our wonderful committees, which consist of our members. They organise most of our activities, including the annual trip and introduction camp, but also support the board, by promoting events or processing complaints. Each committee is unique and every one of them presents its own fun challenges and opportunities. Plus, members of every committee get exclusive access to special Active Members events. 
With 15 different committees, there is for sure one that is a perfect match for you!

Baby Committees

A Baby Committee (also called a Trial Committee) is a sweet mix between a committee and a member’s initiative. If you’d like to see activities for which there is no committee yet, you can suggest and even trial-run one of your own. If you find at least two fellow committee members and present a plan for a few activities, the Board may guide and finance your idea for the year. At the next TGMA (Transfer General Members Assembly), the GMA (General Members Assembly) will vote on whether your baby committee should be instated as a full-fledged committee for the upcoming year.

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