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A dispuut is like a sub-association: it’s a club that is part of Ganymedes, but also has its own rules and structure. A dispuut is based around friendship and comradery, though it usually also has a certain theme that unites its members. Creating or joining a dispuut is a great way to find people with interests similar to yours. You get to know your fellow dispuut members very well and can make friends for life!

In contrast to Ganymedes itself, you cannot just sign up for a dispuut and automatically be let in. To join one, you have to be personally invited, and you may have to go through an initiation period. What this entails depends on the dispuut.

Thee Zet Thee

Thee Zet Thee's mission is to play board games to their hearts' desire, eat Scholiertje-cookies, and drink as much tea as humanly possible. Or, as they like to call it: they let their inner elderly people shine! This dispuut also unites in their love of shitty puns, the superior discography of Swedish music group ABBA, and of course Ganymedes. Since their founding in 2019, Thee Zet Thee's twelve members never have a dull moment.

New Disputen

Thee Zet Thee is the only currently active dispuut, but it does not have to stay this way! You can set up your own dispuut, based around your interest, but there are some requirements: a dispuut needs at least 2 members, bylaws and approval from the board. This year, Thee Zet Thee has generously offered to help out new disputen, so what better time to start than now? Contact us with your idea!

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